About us

The family business Silkkitie Oy has been founded to meet the needs of employers in social and health care both in public and private sector.

We specialize in recruiting personnel mainly for social and health care from the Philippines. The entire process from the very beginning is handled and monitored by us. We offer the employees a vast and comprehensive training including, among other things, a year-long language education before leaving the Philippines.

Customer satisfaction is valued highly in our family business. We have succeeded in our task remarkably well. All of the personnel we have trained are continuously working for the employer that originally hired them, customer satisfaction is high and the Philippine workers have adjusted excellently.

The international regulations concerning the recruitment are carefully followed.

The University of Tampere is organizing a study titled TRANS-SPACE regarding the education of the recruited nurses from the Philippines as well as the way they have integrated into Finnish work communities within social and health care. We are currently participating in the study. The aim of the research is to contribute both in successful international employment processes and in ethical values. Furthermore, another very significant objective is to encourage different operators to create a coherent work community training. The project is sponsored by the Finnish Work Environment Fund.

During the years our company recruited over 300 Philippine employees allowing us to provide our clients with excellent workforce.