“I sincerely hope that we’ll have more nurses as competent as the Filipinos have been.”

Nursing home manager, Helsinki

I’m impressed by their empathetic and caring way of nursing the elderly.”

Nursing home manager, Northern Finland

“Their smiles and laughter have won over the people in our nursing home including the relatives.”

Nursing home manager, Päijät-Häme

“Having the 24/7 phone service gives the nurses a feeling of security, because they can talk with someone in Finnish, English, and their mother tongue.”

Nursing home manager, Kyme

“In the beginning I had my concerns. Now the nurses are an important part of our work community. Everyone is satisfied, the coworkers, the residents and their relatives.”

Auxiliary nurse, Southwest Finland

“Sometimes you have to make them take breaks.”

Nursing home manager, Southwest Finland

“They are highly motivated and extremely empathetic.”

Nursing home manager, Kyme

“The Filipino nurses spend their breaks by having a cup of tea with the residents and talking to them.”

Nursing home manager, Häme

“It was a such a surprise to notice that the Filipino nurses were already proficient in the Finnish language. Their language skills have significantly improved over the course of two months that they have been working in our unit.”

Nursing home manager, Tampere

“I have discussed a lot with our Filipino nurses and I greatly appreciate how Silk Road has treated them during the recruitment process.”

Nursing home manager, Tampere

“Job satisfaction has improved after the Filipino nurses came.”

Regional manager, Southern Finland

“The residents of our nursing home love our Filipino nurses. They treat the residents as if they were taking care of their own grandparents.”

Nursing home manager, Häme

Everything has always been done as agreed.”

Regional manager, Southwest Finland

“Everything has exceeded expectations. We are impressed by Arto’s professional skills and his personality.”

Nursing home manager, Satakunta

“A young male nurse asked during the first day’s orientations if he could start working already.”

Nursing home manager, Savo