We take pride in focusing on the client and having a strong and professional competence in recruiting workforce for social and health care. As a Finnish-Philippine company we have been able to resolve even the most unpredictable challenges. We strongly believe that the very best results can be achieved by working relentlessly for the benefit of the client and the employee.

Our services include:

  • Checking the authenticity of diplomas and work certificates
  • Personal interviews
  • Psychological tests
  • A very intensive year-long language training
  • Coaching before departing their home country
  • Handling the permit process in the Philippines
  • Applying for residence permits
  • Booking flights and taking care of airport transportation
  • Reception at the airport
  • Dealing with the authorities together with the employee (local register offices, Social Security, tax office, police, bank)
  • Helping the workforce to adjust in the society
  • Acquiring a furnished apartment
  • Phone services open around the clock (in Finnish, Swedish, English or Tagalog)